Watch : Indie game marketing rant

Paul Kilduff-Taylor from mode7games talks about some incredibly valuable and insightful views into making games, marketing games, what games mean to you.

“You are doing marketing whether you like it or not. You may see that as a sort of annoying business-y term, but marketing is about communicating and idea - but at the very core if it, making a game is about communicating an idea.”

“Unless you have something that you fundamentally believe in, it's not going to work if you just put up banners shouting about that thing. Similarly as an indie game developer, if you don't stand behind the decisions you are making as a person, then everything will fall apart - it has to be genuine, which is why I like indie games so much.”

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Read : Indie Criticism

A talk from the Indiecade East from Feb 2014, a really great perspective about games.

All these voices in our head, all these ghosts, can lead a critic unwittingly towards self-censorship, or at the very least a kind of mealy-mouthed rhetoric. We get a steady stream of IMHOs and the nervous qualification of any declarative sentence. We see writers so self-conscious about perceived elitism or giving offense that they hesitate to judge anything at all.


The personal is so readily dismissed as the source of taste, of bias, something on the fringe, when it is in reality the essential, unstable core of the game experience. It gives the indie critic his insights into the game and reveals both the player’s and the game’s values.

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