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A first person stealth exploration game set in a surreal colonial India.It looks as amazing as it sounds.

There is an alpha build available and a lot of interesting details and work in progress posts on the above link, as well as the home page and their tumblr.

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follow: Follow shares work in progress games with development logs that I feel worth keeping an eye on.

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A “3D tactics/SRPG” game, with a dev log filled with interesting dissections into what choices are being made and why - a valuable and necessary part of good game design. It includes great art, unique sounding premise and reminds me a lot of the older Fallout and Fallout 2 style RPG's with the sense of place.

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Read : Thresholds

A great post on definitions, like "what is a game".

Some of the interesting parts for me :

I can see it in other things now too: architecture has long been moving away from a dichotomy of inside/outside, and it’s only broadened the vocabulary of space and made for better buildings, buildings that take advantage of the landscape as much as shelter from it. Without giving up on having colloquially understood definitions of inside & outside, we’ve embraced spaces that are various amounts of both, or neither.

Can you be outside and still inside architecture?


If Halo is 10% cut scenes is it less of a game than chess? What about games that are 50% cutscenes?

And if games are defined by mechanics, how come games that are purely mechanics are called “casual”, while the majority of hardcore/canon/”true gamer”/cultural touchstone/AAA are the ones with large “non-game” elements and sections?

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Read : Threes, handcrafted

An in depth and important read about the game Threes.


Talks about clones, rip-offs, and shows the emails, texts, and game design process from day one of this superb game.

Well worth the time, and hopefully a trend - so that mainstream people know about this process that isn't just copying ideas but original, hard earned design.

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Watch: Bottom up learning

A useful and informative talk by Zach Gage on building a career in games from the bottom up, and how he has found success on iOS.

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