Read: Paul Budnitz, Ello and innovation

I absolutely love this article, and resonates with why I continue to love ello every month that passes by. It's also why I love the indie games global community, and why I do what I do with my time.

I'll probably read this multiple times, I'd urge you to at least read it once - it's an interesting perspective.

FUCK THE STATUS QUO on ello, and Medium.

So, here’s the problem with experts.

Most of them read the same books & blogs, live in the same tech ghettos, eat at the same restaurants, go to the same trade shows, and repeat the same facts to one another.


Doing what everyone else is doing is not innovation, it’s iteration.


Being an expert with loads of experience has its limitations. The more you are sure about what you know, the less you’re open to what you don’t. Innovation emerges from the willingness to throw everything you know to be true out the window and be a beginner again — over and over — no matter how much experience you have.


It’s much more interesting to get out there and just do things. Even if I’m not sure my next brilliant idea is a going to work out, it’s much more fun to at least give it a try.

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Here's some thoughts, to go with this post:

On game design:

I've been writing a post along the lines that echoes some of the sentiment here, where a lot of the same words are used over and over by groups of people, and the more words you know, probably the more you know about game design (not).

It's intrinsically similar, you're implicitly using risk/reward in a probability space, the same things all the time (see what I did there, no this isn't meant to make sense).

What it really is, is people being inspired by others, gaining understanding and insight into their own struggles. Being given a clearer way to describe what you are after is good - It's not a bad thing at all. But if you are going in circles talking about the same things all the time, you'll never really do anything beyond what you gain from second hand aha moments. Learn from your own moments, like they are.

Oh yea, and it's not that everybody has to be innovating all the time, but if it's something that matters to you - pushing and expanding the medium of games - this should matter to you, too.

On ello as a space:

I really love this post, but wanted to add:

Personally, I feel like ello still has a way to go regarding the safety of the space - while I agree with the gist that the atmosphere is crucial, it can still easily be inaccessible to many.

There are still terrible people at the open concerts - but in a created space, ello is accountable for that.