Read : Mobile is burning

“Mobile is burning, and free-to-play binds the hands of devs who want to help”

Not sorry for the mass quoting, this article is a critical read. Have all your friends read it too.

The games industry is about selling amazing interactive experiences to people, and I don't know how any person who loves games could look at the mobile grossing charts and not despair.

From investment to publishing to developers to press, the mobile universe is hostile to the creative urge, the high standards and the hunt to find new gaming territory that is required to grow gaming as a meaningful cultural space on any platform.


We're living in a world where Netflix's content inspires hysteria in grown adults, so is mobile gaming really in the same league when 98 percent of its gamers spend more on pencil sharpeners than games made by our billion-dollar leaders?


"They only want monetised casual games" just can't be the whole truth. In fact given the extremely low penetration of these games it seems a kind of whistling in the dark, and its more likely we're making the weather then complaining when it rains. No audience will pay for boring me-too games, and those few that do are so tiny in number they can be chalked up to random chance as much as any design brilliance.


The fundamental communication power of mobile as a platform to push gaming remains entirely intact. But the logic of chasing mountainous profit is self-defeating.


The irony is that the very people who tell you your game won't sell are exactly the kind who will copy the shit out of it once it does. They don’t deal in dreams, imagination is not their forte. Are we really surprised that they cling to numbers?

The audience knows better than all of us and if our mobile public truly does signal "I care" through purchasing, I don't think its radical for the industry to start listening to the 98 percent of mobile gamers out there saying "I don’t care."

Read it twice.