Read: Dan Adelman On Indie Game Pricing

Great reading on pricing. For developers and consumers alike.

A lot of people seem to think that a higher price leads to more money, so developers who charge a high price are greedy. Second, why should a player care how many people worked on a game? If I had a magic wand and could produce a game with the same scale and quality of Skyrim or GTA: V instantly with no effort, would that make the game experience worth any less? If I spent $20 million dollars producing a fart app, would that mean it’s worth paying more for? No. No, it would not.


Incidentally, the reverse is also true. Players are acting in their own short-term self-interest by waiting for sales. They can get a free ride from the people who pay full price (or from the developer who can’t earn a living), and get the same games at a small fraction of the price. Unfortunately, that’s not good for players as a group. If players insist on only buying during heavily discounted sales, then eventually quality will wither away. Just look at the App Store.