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Play Octodad

Octodad, if you don't know, is a game about a loving father that is also a caring husband - who is secretly an octopus. It's described as a “third-person puzzle action” game, but if the description puts you off for some reason you should push past it and give it a try anyway.

octodad image 1

The game is charming, humourous in the right ways, and is good quality family fun.

This is what struck me when playing it - I wondered when was the last time I played a video game (that wasn't on the Wii) that was something I could play with my parents or with some children around and everyone involved have a great time and nothing had to be censored or explained away?

The game does well to elevate itself above the common threads in video games without losing adult sensibility or humour, a tough act to pull off but I felt like they did a great job.

The game has a co-op mode, great for friends and family play throughs and making it worth having around for parties and events and doesn't lack for well thought out content to play through (i.e there is an in game arcade with a bunch of hilarious competitive games to play in groups).

octodad image 2

Some of the later areas had a few rough edges in terms of gameplay and difficulty but from what I understand they are being resolved already if not already taken care of - so I won't break down the wonderful experience because I enjoyed playing it through and plan to play through again to collect things.

Available for Mac/Windows/Linux/PS4.