Play: Guacamelee!

Play: is a pointed finger to specific games I enjoyed and think are worth playing, usually with reasoning why.

Play Guacamelee!

Guacamelee! is a really colorfully interesting game. The game is a platformer, with pretty decent combat mechanics set in a vivid and colorful world. There is a lot of space to explore, a lot of things you see to come back to. The sound design and music is great.


The game surprised me a few times, especially with the fact that the combat gets deeper over time. The time part is interesting to me, because I keep getting running into "tutorials" over an hour into the game. The pacing is great, I was actually only really interested to give it a try and ended up playing almost two hours.

I have yet to complete it, but the image above shows the narrative arc which I felt was a little disappointing. The image shows a skeleton kidnapping the daughter of El Presidente, the "classic" rescue the princess tale.

I hope the story tries a little harder over time but the game play and overall package aside from that are quite great.

Worth the time, so far.