Play: Desktop Dungeons

Play: is a pointed finger to specific games I enjoyed and think are worth playing, usually with reasoning why.

Play Desktop Dungeons.

You should be buying this game right now if you haven't.

Desktop Dungeons mini review

Firstly let me get this out of the way. This game is incredible.

Not just the sharp, witty and often hilarious in game text or the subtle and guiding gameplay curve or the monstrous depth of the design that will repeatedly blow your mind - it's the entire package that get's me most. It's this hand crafted gem of a game by some of the greatest people, who poured their passion into bringing this game to life.

They deserve your money, and everyone should play this game (game designers take notes). I will link it again, in case you haven't visited the page and hit buy just yet.

Why I care

This game feels personal to me and there are obvious and less obvious reasons for that. One obvious reason is that I am from South Africa and so are the team that made it (and they are good friends of mine, so I am biased).

Another obvious reason is that they are indie like a bunch of people (like me) and their work deserves reward so they can continue to create inspiring and groundbreaking work for all of us to enjoy - and to learn from.

Less obvious reason : A part of the reason that I became full time indie in the first place was due to some of the team that made this game. It is partly their fault that I do what I love as a career and for that I am grateful.


Buy it. You won't regret it.

P.S The soundtrack is also incredible, Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope made an amazing thing of it - longer than an hour and a half of great listening.