The eyes opened, chased skyward in a flash of black and white, then snapped back into a mesmerizing gaze. They held me, capturing my transfixed face. I couldn't resist, I couldn't get away.

The pupils spun around, circles? spheres? Angular forms - unworthy of such primitive words. I couldn't describe, I couldn't speak.

This geometry consumed me. Impossible shapes conjuring my memories in impossible ways. Is it taking my essence, my lifetime, my seconds - the thief of moments? I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe.

I try to blink but my senses become shrouded. I feel the sound of noise, rushing, crashing into my core. My eyes awaken burning, just a glimpse, a view of the world I called home. But nothing. I couldn't see, I couldn't know if it was over.

My body falls, lifeless. My mind reeling, alive.
My body feels gone. I don't, I no longer feel.

Breaches of sanity, an invalid being, my existence consumed. I struggle to open my mind. What have I created? The sights and sounds of worlds colliding but I had no senses to consume this. Am I doing this? I am consuming them now. Was I consumed?

Slow motion, briefly enraptured by structures infinite in every direction. Dark passages, impossible spaces.

My mind fails to connect - reality startles me. My moments are gone. I have no past, here. Briefly, I am an impossible moment. I created this, I know now, the transfer failed.

The moment fades.
I couldn't return, I couldn't exist.
I don't return, I don't exist.

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