Watch: Bottom up learning

A useful and informative talk by Zach Gage on building a career in games from the bottom up, and how he has found success on iOS.

This talk hit home on a lot of things that I felt I might have been "failing" at, as a game designer. Or when I feel like I am intentionally taking the hard road when attempting to make games.

A lot of the things said - specifically about being an artist and how the core values in place should impact things you do struck a chord with me - I have been full time indie for a long time now (this coming July will be 3 years) and I haven't yet officially released a game of my own yet.

This is something I don't take lightly. The games I work on are hugely disproportionate to the games I release because of the values I have as a game designer, as a person, and as an artist. This is something I intend to elaborate on further in future posts as it is quite the rabbit hole. It has had me falling into many holes regarding perfectionism or design paralysis and that warrants a few posts just on it's own.

Watch the video, it is well worth the time.
Even if you don't target mobile specifically.